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I started making the bib necklaces about two years ago. Every evening I work on a new style or item for my collection. Soon my hobby grew into a passion and  I became dedicated to making one of a kind jewelry and accessories. Every piece is handmade by needlepoint. Glass beads and yarn are intertwined and hand-sewn on cotton fabric or on ultrasuade. Evey piece takes hours to complete. Different materials like feathers, silver charms, leather, chains and wire beads create different but universal styles. I use high quality materials like japanese seed beads, swarovski crystal and semi- precious gems. Turquoise, aquamarine, moon stone,  fire agate, green garnet, carnelian, jade are my all time favorites.
I was born and raised in the Republic of  Georgia. My home town is near the coast of the Black Sea.  My style carries the spirit of the land of the Golden Fleece. Where Jason and Argonauts sailed to claim the Golden Fleece with the help of princess Medea, according to the Greek legend . This beautiful country nestled in the Caucasus is my muse and inspiration.The khatuli Icon ( 8th-12 century)      
The logo for my work is a fragment of this brilliant 12th century Georgian icon, called the "khakhuli Icon." It is adorned with cloisonne enamel medallions and precious stones.The icon is a brilliant example of medieval artistic metalwork. The fragment starts with the heart in the center, turning into a spiral of grape vine and wine leaves. To maximize the effect I added "Borjgali", an ancient Georgian symbol of the Sun, related to the Mesopotamian and Sumerian symbols for the sun, suggesting eternal movement and life. Adding two clusters of grapes on the vines completed my creative search.  My six year old son adores spirals, I couldn't have asked for a better coincidence.  
Half of the profits will be donated to the  Special Needs classrooms in the Bay Area,  for school supplies and educational material.
These programs have been hit hard by the budget cuts, stripping  them from much needed services. My dream is to equip each of these classrooms with personal computers. Majority of these children are bright and excellent visual learners. Computers loaded with reading and math programs, will be the beneficial tools towards the better education.
Thank you for visiting and supporting my vision.
With Love,
Kate Zarandia
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